Merritt Island Services

Pro-Health Merritt Island offers a wide array of services including:

Personal Training

Find a Personal Trainer at Merritt Island
Personal training is one-to-one training between a client and one of our highly trained and certified Personal Trainers. The Trainer will design a personalized program to meet the client's goals, abilities and preferences. Some of the benefits of Personal Training include:

  • Personalized attention & coaching
  • Motivation
  • Positive feedback
  • Learning correct techniques
  • Lack of boredom from consistently changing the client's program.

Personal Training can be purchased in sessions that last one hour.
*One hour sessions or packages cannot be divided into 30 minute sessions.

*One hour sessions or packages cannot be divided into 30 minute sessions.

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KidCare (Childcare)

Trained, certified childcare attendants provide a fun, safe and educational environment for your child (ages six weeks to 12 years).

  • Large play area
  • Fun, group and individual activities
KidCare Hours
  • 8-12pm and 4-8pm Monday through Friday
  • Saturday- 8a-2p
  • Sunday- 10a-2p

Massage Therapy

Integrate fitness, relaxation and wellness by enjoying a massage by one of our licensed massage therapists. Call (321) 434-5801 to schedule an appointment.

Wellness/Lifestyle Programs

LivFit (Lifestyle, nutrition & weight loss program)

A 15-week program incorporates exercise, nutrition, and behavior modification to help you achieve your goal of weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Our program features 15 one-hour classes led by our team of experts, including a registered dietitian, behavior specialist, health educator, and exercise professionals. We develop a personalized exercise program for each LivFit member that is monitored by a degreed Exercise Specialist.

New enrollees: $294 ($98 payable upon registration; the remainder payable in two equal monthly installments)
Repeaters: $240 ($80 payable upon registration; the remainder payable in two equal monthly installments)

Nutritional Counseling & Services

Our staff nutritionist will develop a program just for you to help you get fit, lose weight and eat healthy.

One-hour nutrition consultation

  • Pro-Health members - $95 (includes one follow-up visit)
  • Non-members - $115 (includes one follow-up visit)
Six-visit weight management package*:
  • Pro-Health members - $250
  • Non-members - $300
      * All visits must be completed within one year of enrollment


Fitness Evaluations

Fitness Evaluations require approximately one hour.  We will assess all components of fitness, including:
  • Body Composition (your body's fat, lean tissue, and water content)
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Muscular and strength endurance
Members:  Free
Non-Members: $50

Body Compositions

We utilize a Tanita Body Fat Analyzer to assess the various components of your body weight.  This includes:
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Fat Percentage
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Fat Mass
  • Fat-Free Mass
  • Total Body Water 
Members:  Free
Non-Members: $25

Health First Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation
Services center

Health First Medical Rehabilitation provides outpatient services to individuals following orthopedic/trauma surgery, neurologic impairments, arthritic conditions, cardiovascular impairments, and work-related injuries, sports injuries.

Working hand-in-hand with primary care physicians, specialists, and occupational medicine physicians, as well as employers and insurance providers, our goal is to return patients to the best possible condition, and promote a healthy and safe lifestyle. Call (321) 434-5231 for more information.

Pro-Health & Fitness Centers are proud members of the Health First family.