Why Pro-Health & Fitness

Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Centers are where health and wellness are a way of life. As a member, you have access to three state-of-the-art facilities, each with their own unique feel and special features. With over 25 years of exceptional experience in health & fitness centers, Pro-Health & Fitness Centers have degreed and certified exercise staff that are dedicated to a well-rounded, total fitness experience.

Guest Passes

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Guest Passes are available for purchase at any Health First Pro-Health & Fitness location.

Our Extra-Flexible Hold Policy

Need to put your Membership On Hold? If for any reason, you would like to place your membership on hold (which stops your billing), you may do so, IF you:
  • Start the hold by the last day of any month.
  • Come to the front desk of any Pro-Health & Fitness Center facility.
  • Fill out and submit a Hold Form.
Your account must be on hold for a minimum of one-full calendar month. If the hold exceeds one year, there will be a $25 Reactivation Fee. It’s that easy!

Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are available for businesses with ten or more employees. Please contact Lisa Acosta at Lisa.Acosta@Health-First.org for more information.